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Just Back From Morocco

Morocco is a feast for the senses.  This African country is only 9 miles from the coast of Spain at its closest point.  You can feel the Spanish and French influences all over this beautiful land.  Famous for its medieval, mazelike medina’s and souks, where you can find ceramics, leather, jewelry, metal works and much more. Some of the most intact Roman ruins can be found in Morocco.  From vast deserts with sweeping sand dunes to vibrant cities to gorgeous hiking through the Atlas Mountains, this country has much to offer clients with all interests.

Trip duration:  9-12 nights

Great for: Families and couples.


               Get lost in the largest medina in Africa located in Fes.

               See the famous Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

               Dine on cous cous and tangine cooked meals.

               Visit the well preserved Roman ruins at Volubilis.

               Join a local family for a traditional dinner in their home.

               Ride a camel through the desert to reach your luxury tented camp for the night.

               Hike the gorgeous Atlas Mountains.

               Stop in Ouarzazate, the “Hollywood” of Morocco.

Hiking in the High Atlas Mountains
Sahara Desert
High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech