Just Back From St. Lucia

New non stop service on certain days from Chicago has greatly increased the popularity of the island for mid-westerners and with good reason!  The island is lush and green and interior rainforests provide for lots of hiking and outdoor activities.  A mecca for honeymooners!

Trip Duration: 5- 10 nights

Great For:  Couples will find the romantic resorts nestled in the hills a plus but families will also have plenty to do.


-Excellent options for snorkeling and scuba diving;

-Charming fishing villages that dot the landscape;

-Relax in the amazing hot springs;

-Challenge yourself with a hike of the Gros Pitons, the soaring volcanic spires and the island's most iconic site;

-Savor the delicious local cuisine - freshly caught lobster, red snapper and mahi-mahi; homemade Creole bread or the local favorite: braised oxtail.