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12 Months of Travel Destinations

If there's one thing that the Covid lockdown taught us it's that you never know when you will be able to take that trip you've been putting off. As countries open their borders travelers are whipping out their Bucket Lists and are ready to start planning their getaways. But a question we often get is when is the best time to go? The answer, of course, depends on where you are going but if you have time set - aside for a holiday and not sure which Trip of a Lifetime you are ready to check off our guide may help. While it's not all inclusive it does offer suggestions for the best times to visit certain destinations. We will be happy to help you fine-tune your list and plan for the years ahead as well (as many of these destinations require advance planning). 

Trips of a Lifetime

“Trips of a lifetime” are rooted in something meaningful, something that feeds your soul, pushes your limits, and engages you in your surroundings instead of just helping you cross something off a (bucket) list. These trips require thought and sometimes a lot of advanced planning(a year in advance for hiking in Patagonia, for example). Here are some of our favorite destinations and the trips we are dreaming of taking soon. Hope they inspire you!

Wellness, Naturally

Mother Nature. She's a dazzling and humbling force, as well as a place we can turn when seeking rejuvenation. And that's not just talk - research has shown the outdoors have a remarkably positive effect on our physical and mental health, so they're a natural place to turn for a wellness holiday. Here are four remote and restorative destinations to explore, each set within or next to a national or state park. Get yourself out of the urban hustle, and into a landscape where pure and delicious quiet can be achieved.

Under-the-radar U.S. Destinations

As the usual suspects start to fill up consider these alternative US destinations that are standouts for food, cultural and adventure. 
Instead of Charleston, South Carolina, check out the food scene in Greenville, South Carolina. Head to the wide open spaces of Bozeman, Montana instead of Jackson Hole, Wyoming; go off the beaten path in funky Key West.It may be a destination you've not yet considered, and might be your best travel experience yet!